Tom and Birdy's Guesthouse

770 Piney Grove Road -- Gallatin, Texas 75764

telephone:  903.721.3146  email:


About us and our guesthouse.

~ by Tom and Birdy

Have an adventure exploring East Texas for a day, a weekend, or  longer.  Stay with us in Gallatin, Texas on Piney Grove Road at "Tom and Birdy's Guesthouse".    We are located ten minutes between Jacksonville, home to the Tomato Bowl and Rusk, Texas, with the Texas State Railroad.   Our property borders Turnpike Creek and rests amongst tall Pine and hardwood trees. Our guesthouse was originally constructed for Tom. Later our main house was constructed and our guesthouse has been used for our children who visit from time to time and others we have come to know.  We are professionals, Birdy continues her career as a Register Nurse and Yoga Instructor,  while Tom, a retired psychotherapist works adding features to our property.      Our guest have included Retired Colonel  Kim Olson, who ran for Agriculture Commissioner, and Attorney Dan Wood who ran for U. S. House of Representatives.  Call us and we will make arrangements for your  stay.     

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Our table set for guest, dinner served with fresh vegetables from our garden.

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