Tom and Birdy's Guesthouse

770 Piney Grove Road -- Gallatin, Texas 75764

telephone:  903.721.3146  email:



Gallatin, Texas is located within Cherokee County, Texas. 

Texas and our future will depend on the availability of water.  Our community lies in the shadow of proposed Lake Columbia.  Growth in the urban areas place increasing demands on adequate supply of water.  Our portion of East Texas is a watershed that provides an opportunity for infrastructure expansion and development.  Future economic opportunities are proposed and in their time will become a reality.   Our guesthouse lies along an upper Turnpike Creek spring.  The economic impact in our community is hoped for and anticipated with the natural resources lending spacious freedoms and possibilities in contrast to the complex issues that are affecting urban environments.

  Map of Proposed Lake Columbia


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Pictured above lower Turnpike Creek at Highway 768.   Upper spring waters from the various sources including those that breach across Tom and Birdy's Guesthouse wined their way to juncture with Mud Creek.  Water is an abundant resource to Gallatin.

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