Tom and Birdy's Guesthouse

770 Piney Grove Road -- Gallatin, Texas 75764

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Providing a unique local  touch of history while you explore Gallatin, Texas will enable you to learn about a city with no property or sales tax.   Our community has provided housing to new arrivals.  Two such families enjoyed this view while their homes were being constructed.  Another family relocated from Mesquite has made this view theirs for the last five years.   Although views differ as shown in our "Tour", we possibly could offer our guesthouse as a bridge if one considered relocating and building.  Gallatin, Texas from time to time holds trail rides.  On more than one occasion at the drop of a hat,  a team of horses is hooked up to a wagon, hay tossed in the back and off on a hayride down one of our lesser travelled roads.   Gallatin, Texas can provide  pet friendly environment from horses, cows and goats to Chihuahuas.  

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Pictured above left corner, bygone days the Old Gallatin Store. Top and center landscape, a view from neighbors porch of the Gallatin Version of a "High Rise".   Many urbanites find Gallatin offers an  inviting retreat and opportunities.  Many have found a good spot to relocate and acclimate themselves to a community with growth and solace.  With excellent local healthcare facilities, Austin, Houston, Dallas retirees are finding a rural setting as an opportunity for downsizing.

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